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I have not previously heard about Solarplexius sun protection screens for cars. Why is this?

Solarplexius is a Swedish invention which has been in existence for 30 years, first of all in Scandinavia, then eight years ago we expanded into the whole of Europe, and two years ago started up in Great Britain. At the moment, we have about 500,000 satisfied customers. Why is Solarplexius different from normal car sun protection films? Our Solarplexius tinting consists of ready-made, pre-cut Acryl screens, 2 mm thick, which you can quickly and easily mount and remove yourself (for example, you could remove them in wintertime, or when you change your car). They are put in place from the inside in front of the original glass windows. Our screens are much thicker than traditional film tints, therefore they give better sun and UV protection, and the inside of your car doesn’t heat up as quickly – making the car safer when your children or dog are inside in the summer.

Do you have Solarplexius tints for my make/model of car?

Please visit: /Sun-protection-car-tinting/ where you will find all of the car makes and models that we currently supply. However, we are always searching for newer and older models to produce Solarplexius tints for, so please get in touch with us if you don’t see your car listed on our site.

My car has windows that open outwards, a separately opening rear window, or sliding windows. Will the Solarplexius tints fit my car?

Yes, they will. Windows that open outwards must be mounted with the screw from the opener, so that it is still possible to open the window. Sliding windows also work, depending on what sort of car and what sort of windows you have. Vent windows, sliding windows, separately openable tailgate windows also work with our product. In a saloon or estate car or SUV, you cannot open the window of the rear door with our product installed - you would first have to take out the Solarplexius tint panel. So, if you have such a car and frequently open the rear windows, our product is not recommended. To see how our product works with a variety of window types, please click here SOLAPLEXIUSENGLAND/videos you can also look at our YouTube videos.

Is it legal to have Solarplexius sun protection screens in England?

Basically, any tinting is allowed in the rear of a vehicle, behind the driver position, and this is the only type of product that we supply, so our product is completely legal in the UK. You can read the rules here: tinted-vehicle-window-rules

Are different colours available?

Since 1980, we have been producing our Solarplexius sun protection screens for cars in one single colour, which looks dark black when the car is standing in the shade. The privacy screen reflects the sun, when it is shining. From the outside, you cannot see into the car, but from the inside, you can look out, just as if you were wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Are the panels specially adapted for my model of car?

The panels are specially cut so that they will fit the vehicle make and model for which you you have ordered. Since we cannot include every single vehicle on our website, if you do not see your car listed, please get in touch with our customer service team who will ask details about the specific version of your car so that we can then supply our product for your vehicle.

If I place the panels in the rear-door windows, do the panels move down with the window, when I lower the window?

You can still wind down the door windows, but the Solarplexius tinted panel will stay in place in the car window frame. For most people, this is not a problem, because they rarely, if ever, have a need to open the rear windows. However if you do need to open the rear windows, it is very easy to remove the Solarplexius tinted panel. When you drive very fast, the air pressure forces the panels into the car, if you have forgotten to close the window. With air conditioning, most people never, or very seldom, wind down the rear passenger windows. Solarplexius is a completely removable product and can easily be mounted and removed, as many times as you like, in a matter of minutes.

How long is the delivery period?

After we recieved your Payment we will ship your package usually on the next weekday, from Sweden- where the Solarplexius- Screens are produced. On the English Homepage from Solarplexius - you can order the Solarplexius windows for: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the islands from England in Europe.
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland. Delivered by DHL 1-3 working days.

Do I need to make any special adaptations to the vehicle in order to fit the panels or will it damage it in any way?

No, you do not need to make any adaptations at all to your vehicle or damage it in any way, in order to fit the panels. For mounting, you simply bend the Solarplexius screens, to position them behind the car’s plastic / steel window frame and fix them with the attached clips.

How do I mount the clips that hold the Solarplexius tinted panels in place?

They are adapted to facilitate an easy fit for the various models of vehicle.
Link : YouTube Solarplexius UK

Where can I find pictures and videos of how to mount the Solarplexius blinds?

Go to our YouTube channel: YouTube Solarplexius UK  or Facebook page :  Here

If I’m not satisfied, can I send the Solarplexius windows back?

When we deliver our screen set to you, every screen has a protective film on each side. As long as you only take the protective film away from one screen for testing, you may send back the windows for a full refund. 

Returns & Refunds

What Payment Options are available?

You can order online and pay by PayPal and Credit Card . Alternatively, with our prepayment invoice we will send your package one to two working days after receiving your payment.