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Frequently Asked Questions


Will Solarplexius Tints fit in my car?

Yes, we have the most common car brands and models in the market.
If you do not find your car model, you can contact our customer service and we will help you.

Here you will find the price for all models

Does it matter which is the front and back of the tint?

No, compared to traditional pre-cut solar film, there is no front or back
on Solarplexius tinting, which makes it both easier & faster to mount.

(Installation guide can be found here) / (Installation video can be found here.)

How dark is Tinting from Solarplexius?

Since 1980, we have been producing our Solarplexius sun protection sun
shades for cars in one single color, which looks dark black when the car
is standing in the shade.

The privacy sun shades reflects the sun when it is shining. From the
outside, you cannot see into the car, but from the inside, you can look
out, just as if you were wearing a pair of sunglasses.

(Read more here about Solarplexius car sun protection)

Is Solarplexius available in various Sun shades/colors?

No, Solarplexius sunshades are only available in a degree of tinting. The
tint is black from outside and grey from inside which makes it easier for
you to look from inside while there is almost no visibility from the

(Read more about the benefits of solarplexius Car Tinting here)

What differs Solarplexius from Sunfilm or foil?

Car shades from Solarplexius is nothing like pre-cut sun film.
Solarplexius sun protection is bendable, unbreakable & a pre-cut sheet
of polycarbonate. You have a finished tinted car in approx. 15 min
(depending on car model) & the result is always perfect. Moreover, it is
100% DIY (Do It Yourself)


If I place the panels in the rear-door windows, will the panels move
down with the windows, when I lower the window?

You can still wind down the door windows, but the Solarplexius tinted
panel will stay in place in the car window frame. For most people, this is
not a problem, because they rarely, if ever, have a need to open the rear
windows. However, if you do need to open the rear windows, it is very
easy to remove the Solarplexius tinted panel.

When you drive very fast, the air pressure forces the panels into the car,
if you have forgotten to close the window. With air conditioning, most
people never, or very seldom, wind down the rear passenger windows.
Solarplexius is a completely removable product and can easily be
mounted and removed, as many times as you like, in a matter of

Is it possible to order Solarplexius sun shades with custom

Yes, it is possible to make custom orders of tinting according to your
wish. To get price and information contact our customer service. Largest
dimensions for special orders are 2050x1550mm. We also have access
to transparent, UV-resistant, and scratch-resistant polycarbonate.


My car has windows that open outwards, a separately opening rear
window, or sliding windows. Will the Solarplexius Tints fit my car?

Yes, they will. Windows that open outwards must be mounted with the
screw from the opener, so that it is still possible to open the window.
Sliding windows also work, depending on what sort of car and what sort
of windows you have.

Vent windows, sliding windows, separately openable tailgate windows
also work with our product. In a saloon or estate car or SUV, you cannot
open the window of the rear door with our product installed - you
would first have to take out the Solarplexius tint panels. So, if you often
open the rear windows, our product is not suitable for the rear door
windows but can be used for rear and fixed windows.

To see how our product works with a variety of window types, please visit

(YouTube Solarplexius UK)

Can I bend the panels without breaking them?

Yes, you can bend the Solarplexius panels for car windows. The material
is unbreakable, and they will never crack.

How are the sunshades fitted or installed in my car?

Solarplexius are made so it is easy to install and are tailored to fit each car model. An installation manual is included in your delivery. You can also check out our YouTube channel here: (YouTube Solarplexius UK)

Which payment options are available?

We use Klarna & Nets. When you choose it as a payment choice, you can choose whether you want to pay in instalments, pay by card or 14-day invoice!

Things to know before you buy!

Be sure to choose the right car model and model year. Some cars are
available in several types of bodies but with the same name. See the
article pictures that are linked to each car model to see the difference.
There may also be a body change during certain years, i.e.. there are
two different bodies of the same car. Be sure to choose the right model.

If you have any questions about which car to choose, contact us at
+442035141623 and we will help you.

Things to know before Installation.

Check Delivery

Check that your delivery is not damaged. In the event of any damage to
the package, document this with a photograph. Open the package and
check that none of the shades are damaged.

Wash your car!

Thoroughly wipe your car windows on the inside. Feel free to use
window plaster and a non-woven fabric. Make sure that the windows
you have washed are dry before you start installing Solarplexius

Check the sunshades

To protect damage to the car's interior around the windows, we think
you should put a protective tape on the interior. We suggest a standard
masking tape that is easy to pull off when assembly is complete. This is
to prevent you from damaging the interior when you bend the
Solarplexius shades during installation.


Visit Solarplexius youtube channel. Here you can watch assembly videos
for different cars, tips & tricks to make a quick and easy

YouTube Solarplexius UK


Read the enclosed assembly instructions before you begin.

Use the included gloves to prevent fingerprints and grease stains.

Choose a panel to start with, then gently pull off the protective film to prevent static electricity.

When mounting the shades, they usually must bend slightly to get
behind the car's regular interior. Note that the discs can be bent as
much as you like without breaking. Start in the deepest corner and then
bend the panel of the remaining part to fit it. Repeat the same with the
other shades.. No disassembly of the car's interior is necessary.

Is it legal to have Solarplexius Sun Protection Tint in England?

Any tinting is allowed in the rear of a vehicle, behind the driver position, and
this is the only type of product that we supply, so our product is completely
legal in the UK. You can read the rules here:tinted-vehicle-window-rules

How can I track my package?

Once we have packed your order, you will receive an email with a
tracking number, and you can follow the link to track your

If I am not satisfied, can I send the package back?

When we deliver our screen set to you, every screen has a protective
film on each side. As long as you only take the protective film away from
one screen for testing, you may send back the windows for a full

Returns & Refunds

How long is the delivery time to UK?

After we received your Payment we will ship your package usually on
the next weekday, from Sweden- where the Solarplexius- Screens are
produced. On the English Homepage from Solarplexius - you can order
the Solarplexius windows for: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland,
Northern Ireland, and the islands from England in Europe.

England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland. Delivered by DHL 1-
3 working days.

The cost is inclusive of delivery and shipping.

With and Without Solarplexius Car Window Tints

Solarplexius car window tints with and without on your car

Solarplexius have now a new color, black from the outside. Here is what it looks like with and without Solarplexius sunshades.
Order Solarplexius sunshades here

Have more questions about our product?

Contact Customer support -Solarplexius Car Tinting UK

Don´t find answer to your questions in our FAQ? Contact us and we are here to help you.
(Contact us.)

Find sunshades for my car

Sun protection for your car

Order now and reduce the risk of breakins to the car and significantly reduce the heat in direct sunlight and create a more comfortable climate in the car.
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