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Protect yourself and your valuables!

Is car travel a regular part of your job?
Depending on the field you work in, you might store valuables in your car--everything from expensive drills to complex sample collection kits or various types of technology. Thieves looking to break into vehicles are aware of this and cars with company logos will attract their attention. The old adage says,"this and cars with company logos will attract their attention. The old adage says, "Opportunity makes the thief." Transparent windows make it easy for a passerby to take a quick look inside your vehicle and assess what you have of value stored inside.


According to law enforcement, cars with tinted windows are more secure and exposed to less chance of burglary than vehicles without privacy protection. Our sun visors don't just shade your vehicle but make it almost impossible to see in from the outside. You decide if you want to darken a single window--such as the rear window--or the entire vehicle. There are also many van models in our range of vehicle sunshades. If you do not find a specific set of shades in our range, don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.

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Are you looking for a sunshade solution for your entire company?
Our sun protection is especially popular with corporate customers, as it can easily be dismantled in leased vehicles when it is time to trade the car without causing any damage to the interior.
-Are you looking for sun protection for your company cars?
-Infection protection for your reception or office areas?

Send us an email! We're waiting to help your company with everything from sun protection to infectious disease prevention. We respond to emails as soon as possible with offers and specifics. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support.

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We have received your requests in recent weeks for transparent plastic shields to be used in business settings to protect customers and staff from disease spread.

In response, we developed a product portfolio of both stand-alone and hanging transparent barriers. Our sneezeguards offer you the ability to limit direct, personal contact and to reduce the risk of the spread of different types of bacteria and viruses in offices, restaurants, hotels, banks, gyms, medical settings, shops, and other areas people interact.

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Solarplexius is interested in working with you! We are looking for partners to help increase the awareness of our unique sun protection products.
Do you want to become a reseller of Solarplexius products? Simply send in the below application, including as much detail as possible.
To achieve our vision, we place high demands on the companies that we work with. As a reseller, you must:
- Be a company that works with vehicles, vehicle parts, accessories, or equipment
- Have a desire to operate based on Solarplexius' vision and values

Once we have received your application, we will respond with a decision as soon as possible.

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Solarplexius provides a wide range of different types of plastics for industry, medical settings, construction, homes, etc. We can also customize our products to your unique specifications.

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