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Easy to assemble

Better than solar window film

Perfect result

Get your car tinted!

family sits in the trunk in a car with tinted windows at the beach

Solarplexius is yours and your children's best friend this summer!

Every parent knows how difficult it can sometimes be to go out with young children. We at Solarplexius understand the children's whining, for who wants to sit in scorching heat and direct sunlight without being able to express their feelings verbally. What many parents don't think about is that the car's cooling system has difficulty cooling in the back of the car where the children travel.

baby feels comfortable with sunshades in car


Sometimes you see emergency solutions with towels hanging in the window, or sunscreen with suction plugs that come loose and fall down. With Solarplexius toning, you stop 90% of sunlight, stop UV radiation and reduce heat. When you order sunscreen from us, you get unlike regular solar film, a product that you assemble yourself with perfect results! Solarplexius toning is adapted to your particular car and takes 15 minutes to assemble. The squares are cut out in Polycarbonate and fit perfectly. It does not cause any damage to the car and you avoid ugly gaps, bubbles or scratches.

Keep car rides with kids cool

family at the beach holding hands, with tinted car


Children are extra sensitive to heat and can easily feel bad because their bodies produce more heat relative to their body size compared to adults. Their ability to sweat is also not fully developed. This is why it can be fatal to leave your child (and pets for that matter) unattended in the car on hot days. To prevent your child from heatstroke, protect the child's head from direct sunlight shining through the car's windows. Solarplexius will make this summer's car journeys more comfortable!

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