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Keep your dog cool in the car during the summer and enjoy the trip!

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happy dog in the car

Advantages of Solarplexius tinting for those of you who have the dog in the car.

With the onset of summer, many dog owners are excited to get their dogs out and about more. We at Solarplexius also love pets and we know what benefits our car tinting has and how it helps reduce the temperature in the car for animals. Everyone knows that you should not leave your animal in the car when the temperature is about 18 degrees or more. But how many people think about how hot it is in the rear parts of the car while driving? Even though the air conditioner is working at full capacity, it has difficulty cooling all the way back where the animal usually travels. With our pre-cut tinting, the heating in the coupe is reduced, direct sunlight decreases by 90% and the parts of the car on which has Solarplexius keeps cool inside.

temperature in the car


Although the temperature outside may not be so high, it is important to think about how the temperature in the car changes. Even if you only leave the dog for a short time, it can have catastrophic consequences. Quite quickly it can get around 85 degrees in the car and that can lead to serious life threat. It is not possible to say any exact time it is possible to leave your dog in the car, but the best thing is not to do it at all.

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mounting Solarplexius tint in a car

A super flexible polycarbonate panel, not solar film

Solarplexius cannot be compared to traditional solar film as they are hard material with flexibility. By using these as tints, you or your animal can not harm the tinting. There may be a scratch on the inside, but as the panel is dimmed, it is still perfect on the side that appears outwards. Another big advantage compared to solar film is that during the winter you can take off the panels and it will be easier to look out of the car in the dark.

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dogs in a car watching out on the view

Do you have a dog barking at the surroundings when it is in the car, we have the solution!

Some dogs do not have peace of mind from being in the car and can sometimes bark at the surroundings. A shy, untrained dog is not probably ready to join you for your errands. With our car tints, it is possible to keep your pooch in the car without getting any unnecessary attention. The tints provide a cooler environment and keeps your dog in a good state of mind. Also, since it is completely dark from outside, you avoid many passersby.

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