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Cars in the parking lot with tinted windows


The main reason people tints their windows is because they want to reduce the heat and counteract the transparency of the car. Solarplexus stops 90% of the direct sunlight and it significantly reduces the heat. By tinting your carwindows with Solarplexius, you create a more comfortable car climate where you and your passengers become happy and satisfied. In addition, Solarplexius pre-cut window tint stops all transparency of the windows you choose to black out. It reduces the risk of break-ins to the car and with tinted windows your car gets a better look.

family at the beach holding hands, with tinted car


Children are extra sensitive to heat and can easily feel bad because their bodies produce more heat relative to their body size compared to adults. Their ability to sweat is also not fully developed. This is why it can be fatal to leave your child (and pets for that matter) unattended in the car on hot days. To prevent your child from heatstroke, protect the child's head from direct sunlight shining through the car's windows. Solarplexius will make this summer's car journeys more comfortable!

Keep car rides with kids cool

happy dog in the car

Keep your dog cool in the car during the summer and enjoy the trip!

With the onset of summer, many dog owners are excited to get their dogs out and about more. We at Solarplexius also love pets and we know what benefits our car tinting has and how it helps reduce the temperature in the car for animals. Everyone knows that you should not leave your animal in the car when the temperature is about 18 degrees or more. But how many people think about how hot it is in the rear parts of the car while driving? Even though the air conditioner is working at full capacity, it has difficulty cooling all the way back where the animal usually travels. With our pre-cut tinting, the heating in the coupe is reduced, direct sunlight decreases by 90% and the parts of the car on which has Solarplexius keeps cool inside.

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mounting solarplexius tint in a car


Mounting a window film is not easy. Many people experience difficulties with water, soap and glue. Then fitting the window film so that it covers the whole window while avoiding bubbles in not easy. Often the results will be poor and leave you dissatisfied. With Solarplexius you avoid these issues. The panels are delivered pre-cut according to each unique car model. The only thing you as a customer have to do is wipe your windows so they are clean. Then you simply bend the Solarplexius panel in to place and lock it with the included fastening clips. This generally takes 15 minutes. Another advantage of Solarplexius is that you cannot get visible scratches from the outside. If you happen to scratch your box on the inside, it is not visible from the outside. This is because the material is tinted and hard, not thin brittle like regular solar films..

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