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Solarplexius vs Film

Is there a shade for my car?

Yes, we have sun protection for most car brands and models on the market. If you do not find your car model, contact our customer service, and we will help you.

(Here you will find the price for all models)

Will I be charged custom fees?

Our terms of sale to our customers in the United Kingdom(UK) are delivery duty paid. That is to say, the amount paid by you is fully inclusive of delivery to the specified delivery address and all duties, taxes and customs clearance fees.

Does it matter which side is applied?

No, compared to traditional pre-cut sun film, there is no front or back on Solarplexius sunshades, which makes it both easier and faster to mount.

(Assembly guide can be found here)

(Assembly video can be found here)

Are there more degrees of tint?

No, Solarplexius sunscreen shade is only available in one degree of shade. The tint is in a gray, which makes it easier for you to see out but almost impossible to see in.
(Read more about the benefits of Solarplexius sunshades here)

How dark is the tint on solarplexius sunshades?

Solarplexius tint is dark on the outside and slightly tinted from the inside. The light transmission is 10%. Solarplexius works much like a good pair of sunglasses, you can look out but not see in.

(Read more here about Solarplexius car window tints)

What is the difference between solarplexius from solar film?

Sunshades from Solarplexius are nothing like pre-cut sun film. Solarplexius sun protection is a hard, unbreakable and pre-cut sheet of polycarbonate. You have a tinted car in about 15 minutes, depending on the car model, and the result is always perfect.

(Read more about our product here)

Does the sunshade stay up when I roll the window down?

Yes, you can roll the window down, but Solarplexius sunshades will stay up. However, the car sunshades are very easy to assemble and disassemble (See film) For most people, this is not a problem as they very rarely need to open the back seat windows. About 80% of our customers
order sun protection for car for the passenger window, the other 20% only buy for the luggage compartment.

Will there be any modification to the car by installing Solarplexius?

No, you absolutely do not need to do any modifications to your car to mount Solarplexius. Follow the installation instructions that come with the package, or watch our YouTube channel here:
(Installation guide)

Can I bend the sunshades without breaking them?

Yes, you can bend Solarplexius car sunshades. The material is unbreakable and they will never crack.

How are the shades fit to the car?

They are adapted for the simplest possible installation to each car model. An assembly instruction is included with your delivery. You can also find many tips on our YouTube channel here: (Watch film)

Is solarplexius adapted specificaly to my car model?

All our products are specially adapted for each car model. No modification to either windows or car is
(Sun protection for your car can be found here)

I have a rear hatch with a glass window that opens, is it possible to mount solarplexius on the hatch?

Yes, Solarplexius is adapted for cars that have an openable rear window. The function of opening will remain with Solarplexius mounted.

Is it possible to special order sunshades to specific Measurements?

Yes, it is possible to make custom sunshade orders according to your wishes. For price and information,
contact our customer service. Maximum dimensions for special orders are 2050 x 1550 mm. We also have access to transparent, UV-resistant and scratch-resistant polycarbonate.
(Contact our customer service for special order)

Is it possible to pay on invoice?

Yes, we use Klarna and Nets. Choose to pay directly, pay by card, pay in installments, or pay against a 14-day invoice.

How long is the delivery time?

We usually send your order the next working day. The postal service normally takes 1-3 days. Should your goods not be delivered within a week, contact our customer service.

Can I track my package?

Once we have packed your order, you will receive an email with a tracking number.


Be sure to choose the right car brand, car model, and model year. Some cars are available in different types of bodies but with the same name. See the article pictures that are linked to each car model to discover the difference.

There may also be a body change during certain years, i.e. there are two different bodies of the same car for the same model year. Be sure to choose the right model.

If you have any questions regarding which car to choose, contact us on +442035141623, and we will help you.



Check that your delivery is not damaged. In case of any damage to the package, document this with photographs. Open the package and check that all Solarplexius windows are undamaged and that everything you ordered is there.


Wash and dry your car windows on the inside thoroughly. Feel free to use window plaster and a non – woven fabric. Make sure the windows are dry before you start installing Solarplexius.


Check that the supplied Solarplexius windows match your car model. Hold each Solarplexius window against the respective car window on the inside and see that it has the same shape. Keep in mind that the shape may differ on the inside and outside the car window.


To prevent mounting damage, apply protective tape to the car interior around the windows. We suggest a standard masking tape that is easy to pull off after assembly.


Visit the Solarplexius YouTube channel. There you can watch assembly videos for different cars and tips & tricks to make installation quick and easy. Solarplexius YouTube


Read the entire installation instructions before you start. Use the included gloves to prevent fingerprints and grease stains.

Choose a shade to start with, then slowly pull off the protective film to prevent static electricity. When mounting the discs, they usually have to bend slightly to get behind the car’s regular interior. Note that the discs can be bent as much as you like without breaking. Start in the deepest corner of the window, and then bend the disc toward the remaining area.

Then do the same with the remaining shades. No disassembly of the car’s interior is necessary, but feel free to protect it with, for example, masking tape.


After mounting, the protective film is pulled away from the tape that sits on the supplied plastic strips. Make sure the sunshade is centered and that there are no light transmissions. Then slide the flat part of the plastic strips between the Solarplexius panels and the car cover so that the thicker part of the strip rests against the cover.

The adhesive should be glued to the Solarplexius shades.

Is it legal to have Solarplexius sun protection tint in England?

Any tinting is allowed in the rear of a vehicle, behind the driver position, and this is the only type of product that we supply, so our product is completely legal in the UK.

How can I track my package?

Once we have packed your order, you will receive an email with a tracking number, and you can follow the link to track your

If I’m not satisfied, can I send the package back?

When we deliver our screen set to you, every screen has a protective film on each side. As long as you only take the protective film away from one screen for testing, you may send back the windows for a full refund.

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