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Tinted windows for Citroën C4 GRAND SPACETOURER


Enhance your driving experience with Solarplexius sun protection panels custom made for your Citroën C4 Grand Spacetourer. Enjoy the perfect combination of style, comfort, and protection tailored specifically for your vehicle.

Easy to Install

Installing Solarplexius sun protection panels on your Citroën C4 Grand Spacetourer is straightforward and hassle-free. With no film – easy installation – always a perfect fit, our panels are designed to fit seamlessly without the need for any tools or glue. Forget about dealing with bubbles or complicated setups. Our user-friendly design ensures you can quickly and easily install the panels, making them an ideal solution for busy families and individuals alike.

Sun Protection for Citroën C4 Grand Spacetourer

Shield yourself and your passengers from the sun’s harmful rays with Solarplexius panels. Made from high-quality Macrolon material, these panels offer exceptional durability and protection. Our products are TÜV-tested & certified, guaranteeing they meet the highest safety standards. Join over 500,000 satisfied customers across Europe who trust Solarplexius for their sun protection needs.

Our custom-made panels not only block out heat and UV rays but also provide enhanced privacy and reduced glare. Enjoy a cooler interior and maintain excellent visibility while driving. Whether you’re heading out on a family adventure or commuting to work, Solarplexius panels ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable journey in your Citroën C4 Grand Spacetourer.

Select windows

Select window for Citroën C4 GRAND SPACETOURER window combinations you would like to buy sun protection tinting for using the selections below.