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window tints for your car

Tinting your car windows is a popular way to add a personal touch to your vehicle. Not only does it enhance the look of your car, but it also helps to reduce glare and keep the interior cool in sunny weather. Although many car owners believe that window tinting is beneficial, some are still undecided due to various factors. One common concern is how long the tinting process takes. 

What is the duration for tinting car windows- Most Asked Question! 

A common inquiry from our Solarplexius customers when they first ask about window tinting is how much time is needed for the installation on their vehicles. 

Tinting car windows can be a time-consuming task and the duration largely depends on the size and shape of the vehicle’s windows. On average, it takes approximately two to four hours to tint all the windows of most cars and trucks. The process involves getting the window tints ready, which requires cleaning the surfaces and measuring for correct fitment. 

What are the factors that affect the duration of the car window tinting process? 

Films that are installed incorrectly or made of cheaper materials are likely to have a shorter lifespan. They may develop bubbles or break after only a few months.

It is important to realize that installing car window tinting is a skilled task that requires patience and time. Rushing the installation can result in a poor outcome, with the tint peeling off or bubbling up and causing an unattractive appearance for your vehicle. It is best to avoid such issues by taking the necessary time and care during the installation process. 

There could be multiple answers to this question depending on factors such as the number of people available, their schedules, the type of vehicle, or the number of windows that need cleaning.  

The process of car tinting can be influenced by various factors, including but not limited to: 

  1. The size of the car windows – larger windows usually require more time to properly tint. The number of people working on the project – Having multiple professionals on the job can speed up the process significantly. The type of window tinting being used – Different types of tints may take different amounts of time for installation. The quality of window tint – Higher quality tints may take more time to install but will usually last longer and look better.  
Removing old window tinting can be challenging and often leaves adhesive residue on the glass.

2) Removing old tinting can take some time and if you are not comfortable with the process, it is best to leave the task in the hands of professionals. 

3) The number of windows – The more windows need to be tinted, the longer it will take.  

4) The complexity of the window shape – Tinting complex window shapes will take more time and attention to detail.  


What are the processes of Tinting cars in general?

The window tinting process usually involves the following steps: 

To achieve the best outcome, traditional tinting requires a significant amount of water, skill, and patience.
Car window tinting series: Installation of car window tinting. Detailing studio

1) Cleaning the windows – All dirt and dust must be removed from the window’s surface for a good tint. This must be done carefully and with special care to avoid scratches or other damage. 

2) Measuring the windows – The professionals must take precise measurements to ensure that the tints fit perfectly on the vehicle’s windows. 

3) Cutting the tints – The tints must be cut out according to the measurements taken earlier. This can be a tedious task if done manually but can also be done quickly with advanced machinery.  

4) Applying the tints – Once all the glass surfaces have been cleaned and measured, it is time for the tints to be applied. This is usually done by using a squeegee to press the tint onto the windows, followed by heat shrinking it in place. 

5) Finishing touches – After the tinting is completed, the professionals will usually use a special solution to clean and polish the windows for a perfect finish. 

How is Solarplexius’s method of tinting time efficient? 

Solarplexius has developed an innovative and efficient method of tinting car windows that does not involve the traditional time-consuming steps outlined above. By using pre-cut window tints in a variety of sizes, Solarplexius is able to deliver a perfect fit for any vehicle’s windows without having to measure or cut the tints. This makes the process of tinting much faster and more efficient than any other method. 

1) Pre-Cut Tints – Solarplexius’ window tints are pre-cut based on a variety of vehicle sizes, saving time on measuring or cutting the tints to fit the windows.  

2) Easy Installation – All it takes is a few quick steps to install the tints, with no need for any sealant or glue.  

3) Durability – Solarplexius’ tinting films are designed to last and provide protection from both heat and UV rays, making them durable and long-lasting.  

4) Quality Finish – The tints fit perfectly on the car windows, giving an optimal finish with no visible seams or edges.  

clear difference between the traditional sun film and easy to fit Solarplexius tinting


Solarplexius – An innovation in Window Tinting 

Solarplexius provides a quick solution for car owners looking to get their vehicles’ windows tinted and can easily give their vehicles the look and feel of professionally done tinting in only 1/4th of the time it would normally take most shops. 

Solarplexius offers pre-cut window tints that are specifically made for popular models of cars, eliminating much of the tedious preparation work involved with traditional window tints that have to be custom measured and cut by hand along with significant cost savings since less labor is needed for installation, which translates into a more economical option for those looking to get their car windows tinted quickly and efficiently. 

 These pre-cut tints take only 20-30 minutes to install, and they provide an excellent fit with no gaps or bubbles. They also provide superior protection from UV rays, making them an ideal choice for drivers who are looking for a fast solution that provides superior protection.  

Please check the Car Finder below and select the year and model of your car to order your pre-cut Solarplexius Window Tint. What are you waiting for? The perfect time to place your order is now!